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Get FAB at Amazon FBA

“FBA is a major part of our Amazon marketplace operations. Last year, using FBA meant that we didn't have to recruit 5 times as many staff through peak periods and ensured that we could process the orders on time, especially through Black Friday.”
Mark Gregory, eCommerce Manager, XS-Stock.

Say hello to more than 50 million super-loyal Amazon Prime customers. They ensure that 85% of sellers who move to FBA see a sales uplift. Win the Buy Box more often, let someone else take care of fulfilment, and use the Amazon global network to hit international markets.

FBA Connect from Volo Commerce can help you get FAB at FBA:

  • Save time and money with all your FBA and multichannel business in one system
  • Grow your FBA business effectively through the lens of Volo smart analytics
  • Improve your fulfilment by controlling your Amazon labelling and courier options
  • Scale your business by mastering your FBA workflow and your other channels

Volo experts are standing by to listen to your requirements and guide you through a winning FBA strategy. It’s all part of the service.

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