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Marketplaces are the fastest growing areas of the ecommerce space. Larger merchants and big brands are waking up to the benefits of making their stock available on ready-made selling arenas like Amazon and eBay. New customer segments, global traffic, brand extension, risk-minimisation through diversification, mobile and multichannel consumers; these are some of the reasons why retailers of all types are flocking to marketplaces. We can’t create the most successful community of online multichannel sellers on our own, however. We need the help of other best-of-breed providers, which is where you come in. The Volo Partner program is shaped around your type of organisation and where you play in the field of multichannel ecommerce.

Integration partners
From aggregators to couriers, payment gateway providers to warehouse management system providers: our integration partners either build connectors to integrate their functionality into the Volo platform or connect the Volo platform to their customers' existing systems. For many of our integration partners, the first stopping point is our developer area here.
Referral partners
Our referral partner track is geared to companies who are actively looking to increase the portfolio of solutions and services they can offer to their key customers. Following the ‘sell with’ model, after you've registered your opportunity with us and made the introduction, we work with you or on our own to build the case for investment in the Volo service. The referred customer contracts directly with Volo, we provide the ongoing support and account management, and in return you receive your referral percentage. Once your successful referrals reach an agreed threshold, your subsequent referral fees recur annually, which is nice.
Reseller partners
Our reseller partners prefer to operate using the ‘sell through’ model. Reseller partners develop and secure the business themselves, contracting directly with their customers and operating a revenue share model with Volo depending on the specific partner agreement. We implement the Volo platform for your customers and in some cases you undertake to do the ongoing support and account management as well. Reseller partners retain the relationship with their customers for whom they may provide a number of products and services.
Managed services partners
Our managed services partners provide all around multichannel ecommerce services to their customers – typically very large merchants or household brand name retailers – and rely on Volo to deliver the underlying technology and functionality to fulfil these essential transaction processes. As with some reseller partners, managed services partners fully own the ongoing relationship with and support for their customers. Volo operates a revenue share model with managed services partners.
EngagementPartnership ModelIntegrateSellSellSell, Implement
and Support
 Commercial ModelAnnual FeeCommissionRevenue ShareRevenue Share
Roles andSales and MarketingYouYouYou
 Technical SupportYouYou
RequirementsSales Certification--
 Implementation Certification-Optional
 Technical Support Certification---
 Technical Integration--Optional
BenefitsEmail Marketing--
 Webinars ---
 Customer Conference--
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