Quatropi Limited provides “stunning furniture for the modern home.” With a warehouse and offices in Nuneaton in central England, Quatropi is home to the highest quality of contemporary furniture and is the exclusive seller of the Avant Garde home furniture range. The company caters to a wide range of home requirements: TV Cabinets, sofas and armchairs, sideboards and cabinets, designer coffee tables and end tables for the lounge; unique dining sets, tables, chairs, bar stools, sideboards and cabinets for the Dining Room or Kitchen; designer office furniture, shelving and storage systems for the study; outdoor dining and seating, sunbeds, daybeds and hanging chairs for the conservatory or garden; a range of indoor and outdoor accessories for the home and garden. Quatropi prides itself on unique, high quality and competitively priced modern furniture, backed up with exceptional and personal customer service. The company also operates a generous returns policy for refunds and replacements.
  • Category: Home & Garden
  • Challenge: Time to market, transitioning the business
  • Results: Revenues up 2.5 to 3 times in 4 years
  • Benefits: Save 4-5 of 12 staff
Speed is Essential

Julian Scott, Director, Quatropi: “We were founded in 2004 and came to Volo in 2010. We had been working with another company. They got taken over I think, the platform changed, and it didn't suit our business. It couldn’t do things that were critical to our business.

“Once we moved over to Volo, the changeover was very quick. We did the import overnight, it just worked straight away. It was hugely impressive. Volo’s custom fields was a massive win for us. It enabled us to bring the data across from the other system much more easily. We could do bulk imports and create our own fields in Volo which the data mapped to. The upshot of all this was that we went live very quickly. I would never have believed the speed with which we switched and got proficient in the new system. It was incredible. The support through implementation helped a lot too. We had a good guy at Volo who was always on the phone when we needed him, and he helped us bang through the changeover really quickly.”

Dealing with Different

“Every company says they are a little different, but we really are. A lot of our processes are quite manual, because 50% of our orders are manual. In many cases people look at our website and then telephone their orders through or order direct from our show room. Our items are typically higher ticket items, and we have a large average order size. We also have a fleet of vans and do our own furniture deliveries. The previous system couldn't do telephone orders, which was a show-stopper for us. The Volo system could deal with our manual processes fine. I loved the flexibility of it. The system is so big, so all-encompassing if you like, and that gave us loads of flexibility, loads of options.

“We have our website and we sell on Amazon, eBay and Google. Volo enables us to sell in all the marketplaces we can with as little admin as possible. We’ve always relied on a smart system to automatically link up orders with stock, across different marketplaces. Because we’ve always relied on automation, we often wonder who would have a stock system that’s not automated. It’s not something I want to contemplate, but if we didn't have Volo I’d have to add 30-40% to my staff of 12, so 4 or 5 people.”

2 ½ to 3 Times Bigger

“In the 4-plus years since we’ve been working with Volo, every single month has shown an increase on the same month the year before – bar two. In terms of the scale of the growth, we’re two-and-a-half to three times larger since the start of the partnership. Because of the nature of what we sell and how we work, we’ve not done much export. Because of our successes, however, we’re now looking at how we can extend our approach to the German market.

“In all the time we’ve worked with Volo, the system has been extremely stable, with negligible downtime. They’re really focused on stability, but they don’t operate one of those super-strict change control processes that stops us being able to run our businesses, which is great for us as customers. My advice to companies is to have a list of the things you’ve got to have and shop around. I did that, comprehensively. There’s no doubt in my mind as a UK customer that Volo is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s all about flexibility and service.”