Starlet Vintage

Starlet Vintage is a dynamic online fashion retailer that has doubled its revenues in the last two years. It’s a unique online store focused on providing vintage and inspired designer dresses for customers with their own sense of style. A keen eye for both up-to-the-minute trends and totally unique finds, coupled with an acute attention to the highest levels of personal customer care has resulted in a loyal, returning customer base. Starlet Vintage offers a full no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as free UK postage and low world-wide shipping. Here’s how this innovative company made the move from manual work to finely tuned machine.
  • Category: Fashion
  • Challenge: Variations, manual processes
  • Results: Doubled revenues within two years
  • Benefits: Save 2 members of staff
Doing the Homework

Anna Webb is the Director and Founder of Starlet Vintage: “We started out on eBay and with our own website. We were doing everything manually; order taking and fulfillment and adjusting stock levels ourselves. We were looking to spread our wings and get into Amazon, which we couldn’t do before. We needed to grow the business and needed a practical business framework on which to do that.

“We went with Volo for a number of reasons. We did research into providers on Google and read the online forums. They had a lot of positive and genuine ratings and feedback. We also had a very good recommendation from our eBay account manager. Added to that we found Volo is more malleable in terms of what you could do with the solution.”

Working Together

“We received very comprehensive and supported training, and the integration took a couple of weeks before we were up and running. Throughout this our business development manager was fantastic and inspired the confidence in us from the word go. Our implementer was also brilliant. She listened to our goals for what we wanted to do down the line, so she was able to tailor the initial implementation to our long term goals for the business.

“Being able to work on our own website was a big plus for us, it meant we didn’t have to deal with a third party, we could do everything from one place. Their creative team worked very closely with us. We consider ourselves very creative too, and they were willing to listen to our input and were flexible on the design ideas that we proposed for the web site.”

Reaping the Benefits

‘The three main pluses for me are as follows. Firstly, we’ve been able to revolutionise our order process with one that was easy to follow and saved us untold man-hours. Second, we gained the ability to work across multiple sales channels and easily manage our items and all the variations. This aspect for us had become unmanageable in terms of hours in the day. Third, being able to integrate our own website into the Volo framework was huge for us. The net result of this that our business has doubled in size in the two years that we’ve been working with Volo and their system saves us two members of staff a year.

“You need to have confidence in your contacts when you’re doing something so critical to your business operations, and we certainly had confidence in Volo. I have nothing but praise for the account management and support team. Time savings, efficiency and quality of support are what I tell people who ask me what to look for in an ecommerce system provider.”