The reasons why you should be flying with Volo

Community membership has its privileges…

Community is about bringing people together, not breaking them up. What sets Volo apart is our dedication to creating a successful community of customers that is world class. It’s not just the technology benefits our ecommerce software provides. More importantly it’s about getting inside our customers’ motivations, dreams and day-to-day operational challenges. We work with our colleagues, partners and customers as one team with shared values to create transformational growth for both merchants and brands in ecommerce. We work hard every day to ensure everything we do delivers against this. That’s why we continue to expand our service to build the most successful community of online marketplace sellers you’re likely to find. Anywhere.

Feel the freedom to grow

From dedicated account management to in-house expertise and guides, the Volo team will make the journey an enjoyable one.

  • Engineered support – extensive resources, backed up by all the training and management you could wish for
  • Expert advice – our in-house skills and external relationships give you a proven blueprint for success
  • Trusted partner – we’ll be with you for the journey, guiding you towards sustainable growth and profits
  • Leave your competitors trailing – with constant access to trends and changes across your channels, you can be confident that your stock is listed competitively wherever it can be seen

Get control of your systems and processes

We’ll help roll the management of all your back-end, pricing and customer service operations into one efficient interface.

  • Save time and resources – one easy-to-manage portal means less time stuck in reactive mode and more time focused on growing the business
  • Keep inventory under control – automatically manage stock levels across different channels to avoid overselling and disappointing customers
  • Do things your way – adapt our powerful software to your precise needs and branding requirements
  • Reduce risk – automate key manual processes to remove the risk and cost of human error

See your business fly

At Volo, we want to help you sell more stock, more profitably and in more online marketplaces than anyone else.

  • Reach more, sell more – as the only platform able to plug into all major online marketplaces, we’ll help find you many more customers at no extra cost
  • Refocus staff – by automating many manual aspects of the customer order cycle, your staff can spend more time doing what humans do better than machines
  • Be trusted – we’ll help improve your chances of achieving and maintaining ‘preferred’ ratings in all key marketplaces
  • Scale your growth – we help retailers of all shapes and sizes effectively scale their operations as their business grows

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