Is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Right For You? – Part 2

Friday August 5, 2016 | Posted at 2:31 pm | By Paul Dicken
August 5, 2016 @ 2:31 pm

In our last post, we covered retailers already using Amazon FBA. We’re now going to move onto looking at other types of sellers, and if you’re not selling on Amazon at all.


Amazon Premium Shipping Sellers

For those sellers who are using the Premium Shipping part of the programme (considered the stepping stone to Seller Fulfilled Prime), you’re clearly on the way towards attaining Prime badge status for your favourite items. With the right software and expertise (like Volo’s multichannel platform, for example), you can use the Amazon API to receive labels for Amazon Logistics, as well as receive labels for other approved couriers that Amazon supports. Again, with the right system in place, you’ll be able to locate your Premium Shipping labelled orders and ship them in time to meet Amazon’s demanding, customer-focused conditions.


Amazon Non-Premium Shipping Sellers

For Sellers who are not yet using the Premium Shipping programme on Amazon but have the capability, systems like Volo’s will support the specification on a product-by-product basis of the new ‘Merchant Shipping Groups’ that Premium Shipping allows. This will give you access to much better shipping profiles that Amazon Premium Shipping Sellers already enjoy. Have a look in the paragraphs above at the products that do well on Seller Fulfilled Prime.


Non-Amazon Sellers

For those of you yet to embrace business with the Seattle-based colossus, now is a great time to start selling on Amazon. The Seller Fulfilled Prime programme is a massive opportunity. Although Amazon’s stringent conditions are difficult metrics to meet for poorly performing sellers, the number of orders that they require to be processed for eligibility is low.

For many businesses who aren’t selling on Amazon, the only barrier to entry is organising your product data. You should consider starting with a limited number of stock items with a good inventory depth which will minimise the initial integration efforts. This can be the springboard to becoming eligible and into the programme as soon as possible.


Finally, a word on warehousing. Some of you may rely on drop ship partners to warehouse and ship some or all of your products. Seller Fulfilled Prime essentially revolves around your own warehouse – with one important caveat. If your third party logistics is outstanding, and they meet the SLAs you set them, it’s entirely possible you can fulfil and ship orders from different places other than your warehouse and hit the required metrics.

Want to know more about Seller Fulfilled Prime? Here’s the background on the programme and where you need to go to qualify for it. You can also book a free consultation with us.


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