Amazon PanEuropean FBA – How Volo Can Help Expand Your Business Across Europe

Wednesday November 2, 2016 | Posted at 10:28 am | By Dan Hawkins
November 2, 2016 @ 10:28 am

Many online merchants use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) as a way to accelerate their sales and grow their businesses. The service provides access to a huge number of loyal Amazon Prime customers and sellers can use Amazon’s logistics for warehousing, packaging, delivery, returns and customer service. In this way, retailers become more competitive and optimise their sales processes.

Now, with PanEuropean FBA, etailers can also reach customers in some of the most important markets in Europe with only one seller account. Using only one local inventory pool, sellers can now export their goods to customers in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain.


Amazon pan FBA


The seller ships merchandise to a domestic fulfilment centre and allows Amazon to place it throughout Europe based on demand. The merchant then pays local fulfilment fees in any of Amazon’s European marketplaces while Amazon takes care of customer service in the local language and handles returns.

Enrolment into the Pan-European FBA programme triggers additional VAT according to each country’s legislation and the seller is responsible for the collection and payment of their taxes, as well as the filing of all relevant returns and VAT invoicing.

We understand our customers’ need to expand their businesses across Europe. Volo’s platform enables etailers to automatically synchronise stock levels, perform multi-channel fulfilment, book FBA partner couriers, organise FBA consignments and raise shipments.  With the ability to organise their FBA business alongside other sales channels and marketplaces inside a single platform, merchants save significant time, labour and personnel costs, allowing them to focus on market trends and growth strategies.

With Volo’s analytic tool, sellers get an accurate picture of stock performance so that they can select the right quantities of the right items with the best potential to sell. They can then fulfil them in the most cost-effective manner.

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