An update from Google’s merchant centre: Google API

Friday May 1, 2015 | Posted at 7:54 pm | By Paul Dilger
May 1, 2015 @ 7:54 pm

We’ve talked before about the benefits of listing products on Google Shopping. Not only can it help you dramatically increase your website sales, but also help with marketing initiatives such as SEO and general product promotion. Over the last few months the channel has introduced changes that allow sellers to easily manage campaigns, spend and ROI, whilst sending the most accurate product data to the Google channel. Google Shopping caters for those buyers who know what they are looking for and are searching for a particular product. Their search criteria may contain things such as brand, model number, size, style or colour, among others. Google will display the results in an Ad style format. This can include image, product title, price and business name so that the buyer can compare you with other sellers of the same product.

So where do you start?

Having a Google Merchant account is the first step in making your products visible on Google Shopping and buyers can compare products and make purchases directly from your website or shop. If you are a Volo customer, your Google Merchant account can be easily populated with Volo product data via our connection to their new API. Prices and stock availability will be kept accurate via constant updates so you will only ever promote the products that are available and are correctly priced. This is important, especially as you will be charged on a per click basis through to your website. After your product data has been set up, you can manage their visibility using Product Listing Ads in your AdWords account.

Increasing visibility of your products

Google AdWords allows you to target both local and global buyers and drive them to your website at a time when they are likely to make a purchase. They don’t have to be specific, and you can set them to appear when buyers are just browsing or researching a product. Alternatively you can make them more detailed so they promote a specific product. This helps you target buyers who know exactly what they are looking for and are ready to make that purchase.  Ads have the flexibility to allow you to set the budget of your campaign, how the ad will look, and then give you the tools to measure the impact of the Ad.  The great thing is that it’s completely free and you will only pay when the buyer clicks on the Ad through to the website. Google have produced a number of infographs, videos and guides if you want to know more on best practices for Adwords.

By presenting the buyer with all this information Google believes that you are more likely to increase more qualified traffic to your website and as a result covert visits into sales. If you don’t manage to get the sale the first time around, then using Dynamic Re-Marketing Ads will show the buyer products they have previously viewed on your website so you’ll be able to catch them later.

If you would like to find out more about the update, please speak to one of the Volo Customer Success Team

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