Customer Summit 2016 – A round-up

Monday September 26, 2016 | Posted at 4:35 pm | By Dan Hawkins
September 26, 2016 @ 4:35 pm

Important News, Strategies and Best Practices for a Successful eCommerce Business

It was great meeting everyone who came to our annual Customer Summit in Manchester and London. Thank you for attending! We hope you had a good time and found the information interesting and useful.

Here’s a short summary for those who couldn’t attend.

Our guests from IMRG shared some important facts and figures about the growth of online retail. We were told that the UK online retail market is expected to reach £129 billion in size, an 11% increase over 2015.

Other trends discussed were mobile shopping, what the most successful product categories are (Accessories sits at 30% while Garden recovered in May 2016 after 14 months of decline) and the peaks we can expect for the rest of year.

Our partners from Amazon unveiled very interesting news for the ecommerce community and presented the company’s new programme – Pan-European FBA.

eBay was also present to discuss the best strategies for driving sales and building a strong brand. With 162 million active buyers on the marketplace, eBay remains incredibly important. Especially as buyers move to mobile (43% of purchases are now made on mobile).

Developing IT, a leading eCommerce consultancy in Scotland, also shared how to optimise eBay to increase sales, while Search Star gave some tips on how to improve Paid Search activity.

Managing international returns is an important issue for our customers. Our partner Zigzag Global to explain how to better manage this process and control the costs of returns.

As order fulfillment has become critical for any successful online retailer, James & James talked about order management and customer empowerment.

Finally, under current economic circumstances, currency conversion has become a priority for a large number of our customers. Our partner from Currencies Direct shared some useful advice on how to maximise international payment conversions.

Of course, we also talked about Volo Commerce’s future development plans and how we are striving to deliver the best eCommerce platform. As a result, we aim to build the strongest community of online retailers.

If you want to find out more about what was discussed at the Customer Summit, please get in touch with our Customer Success Team. We’ll be happy to talk more about the speaker’s presentations and answer any questions.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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