What has eBay got in store for sellers with the new eBay Seller Hub?

Monday December 12, 2016 | Posted at 7:17 am | By Dan Hawkins
December 12, 2016 @ 7:17 am

eBay’s seller hub has been around in the US for some time, but now the marketplace has decided to bring it to the UK. eBay says the Seller Hub will make it easier for sellers to list, sell and track their sales, all under one service. Sounds great? Right now, there isn’t a date for the role out, but what does the new service mean for UK sellers?

The point of the new programme lies with eBay simplifying how its retailers sell. The hub combines other seller tools together, such as Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro and other and dashboards such as sales, seller costs, traffic and seller standards.

The Seller Hub will also be able to monitor the overall status of your business, with added extras such as insights into current performance and metrics of your sales. Previously, this could only be done through third party tools. Now, the marketplace has decided to follow the likes of Google Analytics and will offer click through rates on listings and also sales conversion rates, all through the Growth tab. There’s also a marketing tab that allows sellers to measure the impact of promotions they are running.

eBay says that creating a listing will be made even easier with the new service. The ‘Hub’ offers a ‘listing flow’ where a seller can enter a product identifier number and then choose from a handy drop down catalogue menu. The product related fields will be filled and you simply have to provide any extra information on price, quantity, shipping or returns. The great part of this is the speed and control sellers will have when altering or adding new products.

The service will also let you manage ordering activities, such as producing eBay Postage labels, adding tracking numbers, printing invoices in bulk and managing returns and cancellations.

eBay is hoping for an easy transition period for its sellers and say it would be bringing Seller Hub to France, Germany and Australia in the near future and will continue to enhance the service over the next year.

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