What does eBay’s Spring Seller Update Mean for eCommerce Businesses?

Friday March 3, 2017 | Posted at 2:29 pm | By Paul Dilger
March 3, 2017 @ 2:29 pm

eBay have just published the 2017 edition of their Spring Seller Update, and it contains plenty of changes affecting all eBay sellers. In this article, we’ll take you through what it means for businesses that sell on eBay.

Third Party Advertising is Going Away

The best news for serious ecommerce eBay sellers is that third party advertisements appearing on eBay will soon be a thing of the past.

No longer will browsers be served product adverts which lead them away from eBay entirely. They’re being replaced by promoted listing adverts, which should significantly increase the effectiveness of promotions.

This effect will be further boosted by the fact that mobile search results will now feature the best Promotions Manager offers from sellers.

Top Rated Seller Changes

In less positive news for businesses, the discount offered to Top Rated Seller accounts on eBay (20% off final item fees) is being halved to 10%. While this isn’t a massive alteration, it does add up for sellers with a high volume of sales.

The sweetener for this is a new quarterly credit towards promoted listings campaigns for Top Rated Sellers – sadly this is only a $30 quarterly credit and as such is little more than a gesture when it comes to ecommerce businesses.

Finally, tracking is now required for 95% of US transactions in order to qualify for Top Rated Seller status – previously 90% had to be tracked.

Store Fees Alterations

Several categories have had a 0.15% bump in final value fees for sellers using stores – see the table below for details.

Again, a relatively minor alteration, but for sellers with a high annual gross merchandise value in these categories this will definitely add up. Especially when combined with the reduction in fee discounts for Top Rated Sellers, the impact of these changes will be most felt by businesses who use eBay as a sales channel.

New Shipping Tools

The Seller Update also contained the news that eBay will be releasing new shipping rate tables with location specific capability, allowing sellers to provide more accurate shipping charge information to buyers.

Whether serious ecommerce users will find that this is worth the trouble of setting up and manually going through for each product and region is yet to be seen.

Additionally, many businesses understand the value of offering free shipping and bake this cost into their product price, rendering a shipping costs tool effectively useless to them.

What might be of some real value to businesses are the new options relating to same-day shipping management. With a calender and a cut-off time functionality, ecommerce managers can set the specific days for same-day shipping, accounting for staff level, weekends and holidays. The tool also allows a cut-off time to be set each day to qualify for same-day delivery.

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