How sellers can capitalise on World Cup 2014

Monday June 16, 2014 | Posted at 7:21 pm | By Paul Dilger
June 16, 2014 @ 7:21 pm

When it comes to huge levels of excitement, swashbuckling entertainment and the ability to draw a crowd, there really is nothing quite like the World Cup.

It’s been almost four years since South Africa waved goodbye to the tournament in 2010 and Brazil’s hosting of one of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar is under way.

The World Cup officially kicked off on June 12 with the host’s match against Croatia, but sellers (and Volo) are preparing for what could turn out to be a bumper summer for business throughout the tournament.

Getting social

Social media plays a big part, offering the opportunity for easily-targeted dialogue between you and your marketplace. But there is a wider marketing element to a multichannel retail strategy which is playing an increasingly important role in the success of online retail. One of the keys to effective retail is timing, and sellers looking to piggyback on the lure of the World Cup should ensure they’re more than aware of when everything takes place. Capitalise on the millions of people tuning in with their postings on social media, using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to promote your business!

Capture the elation
By the time the knockout stages start (commencing Saturday June 28), World Cup fever will transform into a full-blown frenzy.Launch discounts, special offers and promotions  in the couple of days leading up to a big match.

Look for the links
If you don’t have anything football-related to sell, don’t worry. Look for links, anything could be themed with a few notes about how great it would be for celebrating the World Cup. If you’re really confident about its link to the tournament, mention the ‘World Cup’ or ‘Brazil 2014’ in your title for increased search traffic. (as long as there is no suggestion of FIFA involvement or endorsement)

Take care:
Businesses using the world cup to boost business over the summer should take care not to breach any copyright rules. Certain logos, players, emblems and teams are protected by copyright law.

What a business can’t do
Use any FA or FIFA logos or mascots without getting a special licence
Give any impression that you are an official supplier
Give any impression that you are being endorsed or recommended by FIFA, the FA or individual players
Mislead any consumers, for example, by falling foul of any prohibitions on misleading advertisements.
Use marketing that is defamatory (e.g. unfairly disparage a player)

Capitalise on World Cup marketing opportunities

The only thing to remember is that World Cup fever only lasts a few weeks every four years. The event brings great joy to the world and encourages people to celebrate – it’s an opportunity that cannot be missed!

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