M-retail is sky-rocketing – are you ready for it?

Wednesday December 7, 2016 | Posted at 7:21 am | By Paul Dicken
December 7, 2016 @ 7:21 am

According to a recent report released by IMRG, the UK’s online retail association, in October 2016 mobile-retail (smartphones and tablet) sales recorded a 31.3% year-on-year (YoY) growth. Since the beginning of the year, sales reported via smartphones grew by 80.6% while those via tablets increased by 9.8%.

This is a clear indication that an increasing number of customers do their shopping on the go. At the same tame, etailers have adapted to this demand and optimised their websites and marketplace channels to be mobile friendly and to offer a high-quality shopping experience to consumers.

The same report shows that the average basket value for m-retail is also on the rise, growing from £67 in 2015 to £85 this year. The clothing sector has seen the highest YoY growth reporting a total increase of 27.3%.

If you don’t already have a mobile friendly website or marketplace listings, here are a few pointers to help you embrace the mobile trend:

  1. Choose a responsive design for your website that will be able to detect a visitor’s screen size and adapt accordingly.
  2. Make sure your customers can search, compare and close transactions with an easy flick of their thumb or index fingers. It seems simple but there is complex art and science behind mobile shopping.
  3. Your calls to action should be clearly visible, especially the ‘add to cart’ button.
  4. Keep content short and concise. Provide essential information so your customers understand quickly what you’re selling and how you differ from competitors.
  5. Simplify navigation. The easiest way is to create a single Menu icon with a drop down menu that lists all your categories, sections and promotions.
  6. Accept guest check out. Today’s consumers are in a rush and want to process their orders as fast and simple as possible. Allow them to purchase from your website without having to sign up for an account.
  7. Promote cross-selling and enable recommendations. Make sure your customers can easily see as many of your products at a quick glance.
  8. Optimise your images. Don’t forget a picture paints a thousand words.
  9. Avoid Flash and pop-ups. They’re distracting at best and might lose you customers who lack patience.
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