Open Letter from Paul Watson, Volo CEO

Tuesday February 17, 2015 | Posted at 8:53 pm | By Paul Dilger
February 17, 2015 @ 8:53 pm

On the 17th of February 2015 we changed our name from eSellerPro to Volo Commerce Ltd. Volo for short.

Why the change?

As a business we’ve changed over recent years. We’ve evolved, as has the market in which we operate. Looking to the future, it’s essential that we not only have the right platform to ensure success, but also a brand that reflects who we are and the aspirations of our customers.

From our beginnings in 2004, eSellerPro has been a great technology brand and our platform has managed many millions of orders on behalf of our customers underpinning substantial growth.

Today, the market in which we play is not just about the technology benefits software provides but the entire customer experience. It’s about understanding the deep complexities and motivations of retailers, as well as the functional day-to-day operational challenges they face. For us that means listening, acting, guiding and educating ourselves and our customers in a way that is considerate, proactive and above all useful.

Our vision is unchanged – to create the world’s most successful community of multichannel ecommerce sellers. To achieve this we will continue to innovate and remove the complexity that holds online retailers back. We will further expand our customer’s reach into new markets and channels. And we’ll ensure they are masters of their own information and have the insight to improve their businesses in all areas.

Our shared value model stays exactly the same. Making our customers more successful will always underpin everything we do.

Why Volo?
Volo means ‘flight’ and reflects our belief that the current state of ecommerce has many parallels with the pioneering age of aviation. Both feature technological disruption leading to experiences and opportunities that didn’t exist previously. Both are led by pioneers who are bold, adventurous and challenge the status quo at every opportunity. Our pioneering pedigree is unquestionable and we will continue to lead in an ever evolving market.
Looking forward to many more adventures in ecommerce,


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