Quick changes to make when listing your eBay inventory

Friday March 20, 2015 | Posted at 2:18 pm | By Paul Dilger
March 20, 2015 @ 2:18 pm

eBay sellers know the importance of having the best visibility for their listed items. The question is how you optimise these so they are seen by the maximum amount of potential customers. Statistics show a 26% increase in page views with added text such as subtitles and to some eBay users. This advice won’t be new, but surprisingly few actually do these quick updates.

Here are number of effective changes you can make to optimise your eBay listings.

Item Specifics – Seen as additional fields entered alongside titles and descriptions of an item and simply provide details around the product (styles, colour, size etc.) They can easily boost your conversion rates because by the time customers have landed on your item’s page, they have already entered all the details they need, so the item is relevant. The best practice for this is to only enter eBay’s own values, not ones that you have created. For example, if eBay states “blue” but you use “aqua”, the result won’t show up, or “medium” instead of “M”. Following their guidelines accurately will make the item more visible in a search, showing up in the left hand corner of the search page when buyers enter details. More and more buyers are tending to use this to filter to sort out which items they are looking for. You can test this by trying to find your item in the left navigation filter options. The filters here are also used when customers enter details into Google Shopping, so entering them correctly can effectively increase traffic flow.

Item Variations – For variation style listings, the title search is enhanced to include the information about all of the variations on children’s within the listing. Variations of information in your children skus will enhance the title search of the master sku. This saves you space in your titles to describe the actual item rather than list a series of sizes, colours, lengths, or weights. For this addition you need to pay one listing fee which covers all variations of an item.

Changing Pictures – Always use original pictures for your ecommerce listings, professional photographs and not eBay’s generic stock pictures work best. Pictures that clearly show what you are selling and include as much detail as possible such as colour and condition will always draw customers closer to a sale. eBay have said that a second picture added to the item’s page increases the chance of a sale by 7%, and 3%* for every one added after that.

Mobile App filters based on specifics – Once item specifics are created, mobile users can see them in in prime position on eBay’s app. eBay suggests that 40% of all their sales come into contact with a mobiles device at some point in the cycle. This makes it even more important to reassess your item specific filters so they can be mobile friendly.

Measuring listing analytics – it’s always a good thing to measure your changes after you’ve made them. Have I had more page views since I changed that picture? Did my impressions go up when altered the subtitle?    


If you would like more advice on optimising eBay listings, please contact one off the Volo Customer Success Team  

*Based on an eBay.com study (July 2012) that reviewed 6.8 million listings.

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