What Trends Does IMRG’s Latest Sales Index Show?

Friday October 28, 2016 | Posted at 4:35 pm | By Paul Dicken
October 28, 2016 @ 4:35 pm

During our annual Customer Summit many of our customers were keen to learn more about eCommerce’s evolution through the year, each sector’s performance and when British customers actually do their shopping before important sales peak days like Father’s/Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Black Friday or Christmas.

We regularly publish reports based on the data delivered by our innovative reporting and analytics tool Volo Vision. Due to our partnership with IMRG, we’re also able to share a wider perspective on the industry, helping our customers to better understand the trends that are shaping the market and potential new avenues for developing their businesses.

Below are key highlights of IMRG’s latest e-Retail Index revealing the most successful product categories in Q3 2016, the best channels to reach your customers on and the gap between online and multichannel retailers.


Key highlights:

  • Total UK e-retail sales grew 7% Year-on-Year (YoY) in September and increased 7.8% from the previous month


  • The clothing sector grew 8% in September – the lowest YoY growth since March 2016


  • The home and garden sector continued its strong run with 3% YoY growth in September – 7 consecutive months of outperforming the market


  • The weakest performing category in September was health and beauty with 9% growth YoY


  • Gifts, electricals and womenswear were the best performing sectors for Month-on-Month growth with 3%, 27.1% and 27.1% growth respectively


  • M-retail sales grew 4% YoY in September and grew 3.3% from the previous month


  • The gap between online only and multichannel retailers m-retail performance continued to close with online-only retailers reporting 1% YoY growth and multichannel retailers 31.6% growth – that’s the smallest difference between the two groups since August 2014


  • The share of m-retail sales completed on smartphones remained the same as August with a 46% share during September, compared with 54% on tablets


  • Britons spent an estimated £10.6 billion shopping online during September, resulting in a total estimated spend YTD 2016 of £90.6 billion


  • Average basket value (excluding travel) increased to £85 in September from £78 in August.

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