How do you want this to go?


Understand the mechanics
Any important buying process involves seven steps: awareness, requirements, alternatives, selection, purchase, implementation and review. You need to decide what information will you share, whether your potential provider should treat it as confidential, when you want them to respond to you, how you want them to respond, and what you want to happen next. 

Tell us about yourself
The better your provider understands you, the better the solution they can provide, at least with the good ones. Provide a background to your company, your history, the markets you serve, your products and services. Share your culture, business model and strategy. Describe the challenges you face and the reasons why you’re looking to invest in a multichannel ecommerce software solution.
Be clear on your requirements
It’s important to set expectations around what you’re looking for in return, and how you want the buying process to work. You should cover the timescales for training, implementation and handover, and the steps in the process. Don’t forget to ask about project management, full cost breakdowns and how you can measure the return on your investment. If you’re not sure, ask.
Find someone who’ll listen
Investing in a multichannel ecommerce solution is an important, involved exercise. You shouldn’t feel alone. View it as a partnership and find a potential provider who is prepared to learn about your business and listen to your requirements. With any luck, they’ll challenge you on your assumptions, help you refine what you're looking for, and guide you through the process.