What do you want from your provider?


Functional requirements
Consider all the areas you need your system to cover: purchasing, warehousing, listings, inventory and stock, marketplaces, other channels, promotions, cross-border, orders, fulfilment, despatch, back office and finance, customer service, marketing, and reporting & analytics. It’s a long list, and the more work you do on the detail of what you need, the better it will serve you in the long run.
Service requirements
Don’t confine your planning simply to the system you need. You need to demand the kind of services that will ensure a smooth transition to the new system, comprehensive adoption of the new platform and successive year-on-year growth. Your list should include consulting, professional services, account management, creative design services and web marketing.
Technology requirements
How do you want your technology delivered? What controls and mechanisms do you want in place for your system and data? We recommend you include whether you want a hosted or installed solution, together with your expectations on usability, user management, performance, connections with third party feeds and systems, maintenance, upgrades, support and security.

Other things to consider
With such an important project, make sure you’ve covered all the change management bases too. Give some thought to how you sell this project internally, how you’ll get early adoption of the new systems and processes so you can hit the 
ground running. Finally, have a plan for how you’ll grow over the coming months and years, and what to do if things don't go according to plan.