eCommerce Round-up: February 22nd 2017

Wednesday February 22, 2017 | Posted at 5:01 pm | By Paul Dicken
February 22, 2017 @ 5:01 pm

Welcome once again to our fortnightly collection of ecommerce news. We’ve got the biggest stories in the world of ecommerce and multichannel selling. In this edition: etail growth continues, mcommerce is booming, Amazon and Wal-Mart are going head to head, eBay are making changes to listings and Shopify are expanding.

eBay are Changing Active Content Rules – Are You Ready? – Volo Commerce

We don’t usually link our own content here but this one bears repeating, because if you’re an eBay seller with listing templates there’s a pretty good chance you might need to make some changes.

In June, eBay will not allow active content in listings. This will break a lot of listing templates; and listings are at risk of removal if they remain non-compliant. You can find out more in our article or from eBay themselves in the link above.

ebay are changing active content policy

Amazon Drop the Minimum Order to Qualify for Free Shipping to Match Walmart – Forbes

Wal-Mart this month removed their Prime-esque subscription service for free 2 day delivery, but countered with a sitewide free delivery offer for orders over $35. Amazon have replied in kind, lowering their own order threshold to match.

As an opening salvo to an epic competitive battle between two of the world’s biggest companies it does lack a little bit of theatre, but it’s an indication of just how closely they are watching each other’s every move.

Amazon Turns Its Attention to Shipping and Freight Forwarding – Internet Retailer

While their drone project and infamous flying warehouse patent grabbed headlines, the real action might be happening on the high seas instead of the sky.

Amazon are now starting to look at how they can exert their typically disruptive influence upon traditional shipping and freight methods.

Shopify Sales Grow 86% in Q4 2016 – Internet Retailer

Shopify has very nearly doubled the GMV sold through its platform for 2016 compared to the previous year. With a range of shopping cart and webstore solutions, the SaaS business is on a hot streak right now.

Impressively, 55% of these sales came through mobile devices, compared to 46% in 2015.

ecommerce news - shopify new offices

January eCommerce Spending Grew 10% Year-on-Year – Internet Retailing

In a solid start to the year, ecommerce continued its long-term growth trend. Interestingly, physical stores suffered lower footfall this year, suggesting a shift in consumer spending habit towards online.

Amazon to Create 15,000 Jobs in Europe This Year – eCommerceNews EU

Amazon will be directly creating jobs by opening new fulfilment centres across Europe, bringing its total EU workforce to around 65,000 in 2017.

The marketplace and retail giant also notes that it will continue to indirectly enable thousands of jobs by providing Amazon Web Services hosting and offering ecommerce merchants a venue to sell on their marketplace.

Are Amazon on the Brink of Launching a UK Fashion Label? – The Telegraph

With the purchase of a photography studio space in Shoreditch (only a mile up the road from Volo’s London office), many are expecting Amazon to officially announce the launch of its own fashion label in the UK relatively soon.

Amazon Fashion Label UK

Wal-Mart Lands Online Outdoor Retailer Moosejaw for $51m – Retail Dive

In their second major ecommerce retail acquisition of the year, Wal-Mart have snapped up Moosejaw, who operate 10 physical stores but trade largely online through their website.

Some analysts have seen this as an attempt to move Wal-Mart’s offering upmarket, though others think it speaks to a confused and incoherent overall ecommerce strategy.

US Mobile Sales Grow by 45% in Q4 – Internet Retailer

mCommerce is always a dominant theme of industry news and Twitter feeds, but with statistics like this emerging all the time, it’s understandable. The pace of growth speaks for itself.

How to Take Advantage of Retail Moments on eBay – eBay Community

Finally, this interesting read was posted up to the eBay for Business section of the community hub. It describes a new way of thinking about retail peaks, trends and other opportunities as “retail moments”, and gives hints on how to best maximise them for your own growth on eBay.

ebay best practice ebook

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