Volo Hub launched to drive ecommerce knowledge

Thursday November 6, 2014 | Posted at 5:23 pm | By Volo Commerce
November 6, 2014 @ 5:23 pm

We’ve launched our Volo Hub, where our clients, partners and staff to contribute to and benefit from the ‘community’ of knowledge and best practice regarding the platform and successful online marketplace selling.

The Hub debuted on Monday 27th October, and within a week of launch over 100 customers were already signed up to the Hub and actively contributing content. In the first week users have submitted over 350 posts, each of which have been read on average 8 times.

The Hub is designed to improve the way we communicate with our community and the way the community gets what it needs to be more successful.

The Hub’s content includes:

  • Home Page with a news feed of important events, articles and announcements, a messages and alerts section, a list of moderators and members online, and links to social media, technical support, the customer wikis and other key information
  • Active searchable forum for discussions, helpfully organised into topics and information, where the community can monitor areas of interest and earn trophies and points for contributions. Our staff and partners also contribute to discussions and moderators are on hand to make the discussions as useful as possible to the community
  • Resource library of searchable updates, software information, ‘how to’ guides, shortcuts, tools, tips and tricks to help community members stay close to the latest developments on our platform and how to get the most out of it
  • Membership list showing notable members of the Hub and their contributions to the community

Paul Watson, CEO, added: “The Community Hub is designed and inspired by our broader mission to create the world’s most successful community of online marketplace sellers. Our goal with the Hub is therefore to give our ecommerce community more opportunity to get closer to us, get the answers it needs quickly and help shape the future direction of the technology and the community. The more community members engage with their peers, our partners and staff on the Hub, the more they and the community benefits. I’d like to thank our clients and partners for their feedback and contributions so far to make this possible. We hope to see you all on the Hub!”

Mat Reynolds, ecommerce Manager for Click Car Parts commented: “The new Hub is a great way for me to contact their staff, and other users. Along with the useful “how to guides”, “features request” and “best practice” sections, having the ability to share your own knowledge, or use the knowledge of other users is great. It’s also great to get to know other users, and staff, and at a more personal level with “off topic” threads about subjects not related to eSellerPro or work.”

Please send any questions on the Community Hub to Community@volocommerce.com.

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