Volo Multi Channel eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Go Magento. Go Marketplaces. Go Multichannel

To Magento and Beyond

Magento is good.

Multichannel is better.

Multichannel is smart, safe selling.

Marketplaces are the gateway to new customers and new countries. They provide the audiences for your products and the security for trying new markets and cross-border trade without risk.

Volo can help you take your business to infinity and beyond.

We've Got Magento All Sewn Up

We’re Volo. We sew Magento into our platform using our certified Magento connector. But we also sew in a host of other functions to give you power and efficiency – automatic listings and stock level updates across all your channels, warehouse operations, sales order processing, back office automation, dispatch and reporting & analytics. And since your customers may want to buy from you on Amazon, eBay, Google and a raft of other marketplaces and channels, well, we connect with them too. You sell more and make more when you're more joined up.

So get it together. Start your ecommerce adventure today.

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Free Traffic – and Other Marketplace Benefits

Did you know that Amazon UK gets 3 million visitors a day? 3 million a day! And that’s just Amazon UK. There’s Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain and more. Then there’s eBay and all their sites. And then there’s Rakuten, Cdiscount, Allegro and so on.

There are marketplaces galore, and they all have one thing in common. They provide traffic, millions of new customers looking for products, products like yours.

Marketplaces give you so much: access to a global audience, new customers to make your own, opportunity to extend your brand directly, and the safety and comfort from selling your stock not just on your Magento website, but on a host of other channels too.

Volo makes it all possible, giving you complete control, flexibility and choice.