Back Office Automation
With automation and greater visibility comes a more efficient operation – and happier customers


Provide world-class customer service
Delivering a great customer experience is key to hitting your marketplace metrics and maintaining your desired status. That’s why we look to provide you with one central view of all sales order data, marketplace questions and dispatch confirmations. Your customer service staff will love you for it, and so will your customers and partners.
Maintain stock levels and marry accounts
If your business is to reach new heights and offer more and more products, then it’s time to avoid manual re-ordering and clunky accounting. Accounts and Supplier Management puts you firmly in the front seat; from buying lists of stock below thresholds through to fully customised reordering, invoicing, refunds and posting to accounts systems.
Optimise your warehouse processes
With built-in warehouse management, you can map one or more warehouses, in one or multiple locations, so you can keep track of all your stock by quantity and location. Then there’s our full returns management system that makes it easy to handle returns for refund/credit or exchange, goods reclassification and return to the same or a different location.
Eliminate manual errors
You can of course understand and forgive human errors when they happen, but will your customers? The safe bet is to automate all the manual tasks that form part of the sales process. This is what Volo enables you to do, with the up-side that you’ll have more time to dedicate to keeping customers satisfied – and maintaining your growth trajectory.