Supplier Management
Controlling the flow of great products, information and prices


Control your supplier relationships
Suppliers have a direct bearing on how successful and how profitable you can be. The Volo system helps you keep all your key supplier information up to date. You can also organise your inventory by supplier, monitor the prices you’re paying for your stock and even follow FIFO methodology if accounting values or expiry dates are important. With Volo you’ll always have an accurate picture of your stockholding.
Win the data war
You rely on accurate product information from your suppliers so that you can list quickly and comprehensively. Often, however, your suppliers’ data is non-digital, incomplete, or not in the format you want. Volo cuts down on data re-work by allowing you to design and set up data feeds from your suppliers straight into the Volo system. Automated data feeds can really help your productivity.
Master physical and virtual supply
You can either despatch products yourself or use drop-shippers to do the product storage and delivery for you. Whether you use your own warehouse, or virtual warehouses, or both methods, the Volo system manages your supply chain and your stock levels so you know exactly where you are. As you sell and fulfil your orders, the Volo system adjusts the levels, giving you a clear re-order picture.
Automate your purchase and re-ordering
Automation helps prevent you running out of stock and missing opportunities or letting down your customers. The Volo platform can send out POs in a variety of formats that work for your suppliers. It can also manage your POs, take care of back orders and reconcile POs against deliveries. With Volo you can also automate your processes to trigger re-ordering when your stock gets down to levels that you define.