Multichannel Management
Watch your stock fly off the shelves


Sell your products on multiple sales channels
How can you make the leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay work for you? Yes, the more places your products are available the better, but at the same time you don’t want the overhead of building different listings for each. With Volo, you create detailed product listings centrally, and push them out to the channels you want to sell on. Job done!
Expand your presence internationally
Your latest product might go down a storm in Japan, or become the must-have item on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Whatever happens, Volo can help you take advantage of emerging global demand and less competitive, less price-sensitive markets by pushing your product listings across borders and into international marketplaces.
Be the first to act
First come first served is one retail concept unaffected by globalisation. With Volo, you’ll be able to respond to customer (or indeed competitor) developments faster by revising product listings quickly and accurately across each channel. Add in our auto repricing engines for Amazon and Rakuten, and you can be sure your products will be available to buy faster than ever before.
Add new channels quickly and easily
Hundreds of channels occupy the global ecommerce space, from aggregators to affiliates, marketplaces to price comparison sites. Let Volo’s account managers advise you on which channels to add, and implementation experts guide you through the process. You’ll be listing your products in new places and selling them in next to no time.