Reporting & Analytics
Greater visibility gives you the confidence to make the right decisions for your business


Make informed business decisions
Sometimes when you’re working all hours on day-to-day stuff it can feel like you’re flying blind. Business Intelligence lets you see what’s really happening. Volo reporting and analytics give you one window on all your key activities, with roll-up, drill-down, filtering and configurable profiles, so you can act quickly and confidently.
Understand what’s happening in your business
What are your most popular items, and what’s gathering dust in the warehouse? These are key questions for any online retailer, and in a trading environment where every decision – and every second – counts, you need to be sure you’re getting them right. Volo’s flexible, dynamic and responsive information helps you quickly identify what’s selling and what isn’t.
Optimise your multichannel performance
Because you need insight into which SKUs are peforming in which channels and which regions, Volo gives you a wide range of analytical reporting intelligence, together with export functions so you can further crunch the data. This helps you visualise what your cross border trade and cross channel picture looks like so you can plot your strategy.
Align your stock to anticipated demand
You need data on sales, stock, customers and suppliers, sliced and diced in myriad ways, to plan your projected sales and the amount and timing of your inventory supplies. Volo helps you analyse historical and current performance, to identify customer buying patterns, make sure stock levels are aligned and be ready for future peaks.