Getting buyers to add your products to their Amazon basket


Understand rules and ratings
Amazon is the world’s largest English-speaking marketplace, and the largest outside of Asia. It provides you with low-risk access to a vast ready-market of potential buyers. To master Amazon, though, you need to know its rules, and play by them. You also need to understand how Amazon measures your performance against promises, since you’ll thrive or die by its seller ratings
Amaze your Amazon buyers
Amazon makes everything revolve around the buyer, and it’s why the marketplace is growing so successfully. Being found, winning the Buy Box, and keeping it, is all about being competitive in three key areas. You need to offer good prices. You need to offer a great buying and delivery experience. You need to demonstrate you’ve already done it with your previous track record.
Prime yourself for growth
Amazon Prime customers look for the Prime badge when they’re shopping, because they know they get great value and great delivery options. This fast-growing segment is very loyal to Amazon products and services. They buy often and spend twice as much as non-Prime customers. If you want to get close to the Buy Box more often, you need to get into Prime and earn the badge.
Explore Fulfilment by Amazon
With FBA, you send your products to Amazon and they fulfill to Amazon Prime buyers. FBA is a great way to access Amazon Prime sellers, since it’s a key to the Buy Box. 85% of sellers who move to FBA see a sales uplift. Tap into Amazon’s country sites through its global FBA network. De-risk your cross-border trade by letting Amazon take care of the shipping from its own warehouses.
Explore Seller Fulfilled Prime
SFP allows you to ship your orders to Amazon Prime buyers direct from your own warehouse and is the selling alternative to FBA. Avoid the costs of shipping to FBA fulfilment centres and storing your products. Amazon Logistics is up to 60% cheaper than other couriers and even though you ship orders from your own warehouse, you can still rely on Amazon to provide the customer service.
Getting great at Amazon
The Volo platform allows multichannel sellers to capitalise on Amazon through truly centralised ecommerce operations. You can do all your FBA and SFP business within one system, for maximum growth and productivity. We’ll also provide expert ongoing advice and resources to make sure you hit the targets in your ‘flight plan’. To find out more about our Amazon solutions, best practices and specialist partners, check out our resources page.