Getting the most out of this mega-marketplace


Know the rules and ratings
eBay is a dominant global online marketplace. Connecting sellers with 159 million active buyers across the world, it has helped launch a hundred thousand businesses. All the more reason for you to take time to understand how it works and the rules of playing in this immense arena. You should understand how eBay manages performance and study your Detailed Seller Ratings reports.
Get your listings right
If your listings aren’t right, you won’t get found as much and you won’t convert as many buyers. Getting high visibility in eBay search boils down to understanding what the algorithm looks for: listing best practices like the correct category, great images and good keywords; item specifics like brand name and size for buyers who use filters; sales history of your listing and others like it.
Focus on mobile
Over 50% of all eBay purchases are ‘touched by mobile’ and the eBay mobile app has around 300 downloads. You need your listings to be optimised for mobile buyers because users who shop on mobile and desktop spend 4 times more than desktop-only users. Get your item specifics right for those buyers who use filters in their search; they’re more likely to buy than those who don’t.
Make your store do more
With your listings optimised and a great design for your eBay store, the world’s your oyster. eBay makes it easy for you to start selling internationally from your domestic eBay account when you offer international shipping options. After a while you can gradate to advanced international selling, where a host of Volo partners can advise you on the finer points of cross-border trade.
Work those promotions
Promotions are a great way for you to increase your eBay success. If you’re a selected eBay shop subscriber and sell in the eligible categories you can use eBay Promotions Manager and sacrifice a percentage of your sales for greater visibility and higher sales throughput. Tune into eBay Daily Deals and the eBay quarterly promotional calendar to optimise your involvement.
Getting great at eBay
The Volo platform allows multichannel sellers to capitalise on Amazon through truly centralised ecommerce operations. You can conduct your eBay business end-to-end, within one system, for maximum growth and efficiency. We’ll also provide expert ongoing advice and resources to make sure you hit the targets in your ‘flight plan’. To find out more about our eBay solutions, best practices and specialist partners, check out our resources page.