Getting your channel coverage right


Tap into the growth
Marketplaces are among the fastest growing segments of ecommerce. Online marketplace retail in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific is set to grow from $590bn in 2015 to $1.3tn in 2019, which is over 35% of total online retail. By 2020, that figure will jump to 39% of the online retail market. If you’re thinking about expanding into marketplace, congratulations, you’ve chosen wisely.
Get some resilience
Diversifying the places where you sell your products is smart business sense. If one marketplace goes south for you, it’s not catastrophic. You can shift your efforts to your other channels until you’re back, firing on all cylinders. Systems like the Volo platform can help you streamline your multichannel operations and save you doubling up on business processes, people and pesky admin.
Serve ready-made audiences
With a website, you’ve got to work to build all your own traffic. Not so with marketplaces. You’ve a huge, ready-made market of buyers to serve. The marketplaces provide the digital footfall, the platform and the processes. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best: sourcing great products, making good offers, and delighting your buyers with great delivery and service.
De-risk channel expansion
Marketplaces make it low risk, affordable and easy for you to experiment with a new channel. No high start-up investments for you. You’re tapping into a tried and tested online trading arena of loyal, regular buyers. Not everything you touch will turn to gold, so marketplaces are a great way to dip your toe in and see how you get on. Minimum time, minimum fuss.
Pick your regions
While there are a handful of truly global marketplaces which have country-specific sites, there are also hundreds of other marketplaces which do most of their business in one region. Whether it’s Walmart, Jet and New Egg in the US, Allegro in Poland, or Price Minister and Cdiscount in France, knowing the country you want to target usually leads you to the best marketplace.
Getting great at marketplaces
The Volo platform connects and organises your marketplaces and channel presences into one lovely system. This helps you quickly and sustainably grow your multichannel sales and profits. We support our technology with a range of professional services for the length of your time with us. To find out more about marketplaces and best practices, check out our resources page.