Other channels
Serving your omnichannel customer


Consider your options
For the multichannel seller, it’s not just about websites and marketplaces. There are hundreds of other channels making up the ecommerce landscape. You can’t try them all. You have to consider your business, the categories you sell in, and what other players in your market are having success with. Do your research, figure out your options, and focus on one or two that have the best fit.
Be social
From huge social portals like Facebook and Pinterest, to daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, daily deal aggregators and flash sales sites, there’s no shortage of social channels to complement your website and marketplace activities. If your products are visual or highly suited to social shopping channels, and you’re happy to build content and influence, it’s time to be social.
Get into Google
If you’re into your Adwords, then it’s a natural extension to get into Google Shopping, where shopping ads are search ads with richer product information. Google Shopping is one of many price comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla and PriceGrabber that can help you access new customers, increase your sales and compete directly with other sellers.
Manage your MOTO
Some categories are still well suited to offline channels like mail order. Furthermore, and especially for high value items, some buyers still like to speak to a person and phone through their order after they’ve done their research. Systems like Volo’s allow you to process your mail order / telephone order sales and streamline stock levels along with your other online channel sales.
Build your bricks and mortar
From shops to showrooms, the front office to the back door, many successful online multichannel sellers – as well as many big brand retailers – still have a physical presence for traditional reasons or because their customers like to drop in and say hello. Armed with a bar code scanner and a computer, you can process your manual orders like any other in multichannel systems like Volo’s.
Getting great at other channels
The Volo platform allows you to bring together the business processes for all of your channels, online or offline. This enables you to grow your business and generate considerable efficiencies which help with your profits. We complement our platform with a range of implementation and customer success services once you're on board. To find out more about multichannel ecommerce and best practices, check out our resources page.