Health check

Marketplace Health Check

Have you got great products but feel you should be selling more? Have you seen a slump in sales or are competitors starting to gain ground? When did you last review your listings or business policies against best practise to see where you could be driving more sale, are you listings sliding down the search result rankings?  Are your promotions not really achieving the results you expected? Do you feel everything is going great and just want confirmation that your business is getting the most it can from your accounts?

If these questions resonate with you then contact Volo about our Marketplace Healthcheck. Using our comprehensive industry knowledge, we’ll take a deep dive into your account and analyse the key areas that influence performance, including listing quality, business policies, customer experience, account taking, customer feedback and promotion performance.   We won’t just compile a report, we’ll come back to you with prioritised recommendations on where to concentrate your resources to drive improvement, we’ll even support you as you implement any changes. Reach out to us via our Contact Form.


Process Health check

With customer experience core to marketplace success, driven both by buyer expectations and marketplace feedback rating systems it’s vital that your back office and warehouse processes are as optimal as your listings. Are your consistently meeting your advertised delivery times when dispatching orders, are you effectively managing stock replenishment, are you proactively managing customer communication?

If any of these questions concern you, or you just want piece of mind that you are operating effectively then contact us about our Process Healthcheck. We’ll conduct a site visit and take an in depth look at your operations in all key areas including pick, pack & dispatch, returns management, customer services, listing process and stock management. We won’t just create you a report, we’ll present back prioritised recommendations on how you can fine tune your processes to recognise greater operational efficiency and buy back time for your business to do what it does best.Reach out to us via our Contact Form.