Get the full picture of what happens from here


Build your flight plan for the whole journey
We gather up all the intelligence and outputs from our conversations with you and pull them into a structured ‘flight plan’ that becomes your passport to multichannel success. It’s a dynamic plan too, staying with you for your journey with us, reviewed, adjusted and updated along the way as you build your business.
See your technical concerns melt away
There’s nothing worse than lining up what looks like a great solution, only to find out too late it’s technically a non-starter. We avoid this by bringing our technical people into the process earlier, so that they can tick all the boxes with you during the discovery process. Ask all the business or technical questions you like, we’re ready.
Let us map out your project milestones
At Volo we take change management pretty seriously, because we know you need to transition your business seamlessly. As part of our proposal we outline the steps in the onboarding process, so that you and your staff know what they need to do, and when. It’s secure project management with clear milestones, well communicated.
Understand our proposal and your next steps
At the end of our review process we create our recommendations document. It contains your flight plan and targets for the first 12 months following go live, our technical due diligence, your detailed statement of works, your investment schedule and your project management timelines. You sign it off and sign up with confidence.