Resolution Center
Trust our resolution center professionals to keep your business flying


Rely on the constant monitoring of your systems
When online is all or most of your multichannel business, you need 100% trust in your systems to do their job while you do yours. The Volo resolution center team understands this and their great ground crew is focused on system up-time 24/7/365. This leaves you to concentrate on your customers, your marketing, and building your business.
Draw on the expertise of the Hub
All great communities have a central portal for learning about best practice and getting quick answers to questions or concerns. Staffed by dedicated and experienced moderators, the Volo Hub gives you access to the expertise of the Volo people and your fellow sellers in the community, through wikis, discussion forums, useful links and feature request boards.
Get quick resolutions to your questions
Every minute counts in your ecommerce business. This is why, when you raise a support ticket through the Hub, Volo support responds to your questions fast. With escalation procedures in place to match the complexity of your support query, you can be sure that keeping you on course is always our over-riding priority.
Work with the best in the ecommerce business
When you have the most comprehensive, most fully integrated multichannel platform, you need the very best people to ensure that customers in the community are getting the most out of it. Volo resolution center professionals have decades of experience in ecommerce systems, giving you the confidence that your technology - and your business - is in great hands.