Fulfillment & Shipping
From your house to their house


Automate your labeling
Try to ensure your product codes and information are consistent on the product box for warehousing, the warehouse shelves for picking, your shipping list for packing, your manifest for shipping, and your invoice and delivery documentation. Automate your label printing to free up staff and redeploy them in other areas where thy can really add value.
Perfect your pick & pack
Set up flexible rules-based workflow and dedicated picking screens to support any of your picking methods, be they order-by-order or a central order pool. Plan the movement around your warehouse to fulfill the various orders, to speed up picking and packing, eradicate errors and avoid costly re-pick, re-pack and re-ship to frustrated customers at your expense.
Integrate your carriers
Integrate as much of your carriers’ processes and data feeds as you can into your own system, since the greater the integration, the better the efficiency all round. The benefits of an integrated system are not confined to the shipping area. On the sales order processing side, your processes are better and your staff are happier if they can do everything they need to do in one system.
Remarket to your customers
Organize the printing of your marketing messages and invitations to purchase onto the invoice and delivery documentation itself. Make your offer more compelling and more tailored to the item or items your customer has ordered, in order to increase your chances of them taking you up on the offer. Even a small conversion rate is worth personalizing the effort.
Connect your FBA
Integrate ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ (otherwise known as FBA) functionality directly into your operations. FBA gives you additional options around sales growth and profitability, as well as fulfillment, since being able to offer Amazon Prime is a major influencer on the Amazon Buy Box. Full FBA integration gives you complete control over your consignments.
Getting great at fulfillment & shipping
When you’re great at fulfillment and shipping, you reduce costs with streamlined processes and the right manual interventions. Volo helps companies improve efficiencies through the integration of couriers, aggregators and rules-based automated workflows. Toys, games and collectibles etailer GamesQuest uses Volo to manage its fulfillment and shipping and estimates the system saves it between 3 and 6 members of staff per year.
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