R & A for Action
Get the intelligence to maximise cash flow


Free up your cash
When you have tons of stock sitting in your warehouse, or someone else’s warehouse, your money is tied up unnecessarily. Worse still, third party logistics providers like Fulfilment by Amazon may penalise you heavily if your stock isn’t moving. Good, clear analytics give you a much better idea of how fast each item sells, so you can hold just the right amount.
Benefit from intelligent information
For your data to be useful to you, it needs to be the right data, presented in the right way. This is especially hard if you rely on multiple systems for different processes and areas of the business. Comprehensive systems like the Volo platform connect the parts of your ecommerce business and provide you with a complete, intelligent performance picture.
Profit from immediate insight
It’s no use having access to the right information if it takes ages and a small army of people to get it for you. You need the insight quickly, so you can act quickly. Be sure to invest in a system that gives you super-fast access to your key metrics. The quicker you can respond to trends and emerging problems, the more successful, profitable and cash-rich you become.
Maximise cash flow
Cash flow is an all too frequent cause of small business failure, and no-one wants the grim realities of not being able to pay staff or suppliers on time. Whether it’s days inventory outstanding, days sales outstanding, or days payment outstanding, accurate analytics keep you close to the key components of cash flow, cash conversion and business vitality.
Get your data on the go
You’re as mobile as your buyers and you need access to your important sales indicators wherever you are. Having access to your latest analytics on a mobile device puts the key data at your finger tips and allows you to respond quickly. Seek out established providers like Volo to get mobile-optimised access to your latest ecommerce sales information.
Getting great at reporting & analysis for action
When you’re great at reporting & analysis for action, you hold less stock, reduce your warehousing costs and free up capital. You also have access to key performance data, when and where you need it, so you can be closer to your business. Volo helps companies better manage their business through intelligent, up-to-date reporting and insightful performance data on the go. Sports clothing and accessories retailer Only Global uses Volo to manage its reporting & analysis for action and trebled its revenues in three years.
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