It’s more than just margins

Guard your margins
Marketplace margins for electronics vary between competitive and cut-throat. Use repricing tools to automate your listings and stay competitive, while making sure each listing stays profitable. Repricing helps you reduce price when there is high demand and increase price points when you have fewer competitors. Focus on automation and full listing life cycle margin tracking. And stay flexible.
Persist with promotions
It can take months to find the right promotion, so keep trying out new ideas. One great promotional event can fuel your purchasing and bundle ideas for new offerings you may never have considered. Running promotions is a great way of generating exposure and repeat buyers, allowing you to stay relevant to trends and holidays and demonstrating your energy and great value offerings to buyers.
Get into the detail
Electronics listings can be complex to create. What makes one similar item stand out from another are those small extra features or abilities that it offers. It’s vital to build out all item specifics on your electronic listings, matching as many valid values on the marketplace as possible. Consider adding a bullet point list in your descriptions because one tiny feature might make all the difference.
Build buyer-friendly bundles
Bundles in electronics are logical and add value. They can separate you from the competition in buyer-friendly ways that make all the difference for a well rounded experience. Bundling computer components, spark plugs, fuses, cables, printer consumables…you not only increase your average order size, but also can combine orders and help your buyers save on shipping costs.
Profit from intelligence
All your decisions on margins, promotions, listings and bundles are easier with intelligence and insight from accurate, up-to-date information. But it has to be presented in ways that are useful to you. Being able to report on and analyse data for supply and demand of your products is critical. Without it, you’re relying purely on instinct and gut feel.
Nailing online electronics
Consumer tech, electronics and computers; however you describe the online category you compete in, nailing it is about making automation, innovation and knowledge work for you. Not against you. Volo works with over 100 electronics merchants and brand retailers to help them grow their sales, increase their profits and build their cash flow. Across multiple channels and regions, year after year.
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