Image is almost everything

Win with variations
Variations keep you competitive. They help you increase and share your conversions. They make for a better buyer experience too: why make a buyer search around for a different size or color? Also, they carry less risk. If buyers have to check individual listings, they may find your competitors and buy from them instead. All the evidence supports variation listing over single listing configuration.
Change with the seasons
Fashion changes fast, trends change faster and your listings need to match the demand and pace. It’s important to be ready before the start of a season and plan for the next seasons in advance. Remember the international trading angle to seasonality, since you can clear out-of-your-season stock to those markets with opposite seasons. Diversify your catalog with different seasonal ranges and lines.
Embrace returns
High returns come with the category. You need to offer easy, flexible, streamlined returns to be competitive and flexible to fashion’s demands, while ensuring the process does not impact your operations or eat into profitability. The international selling dimension makes this tricky, and your judgement on what types of returns you should offer are a key part of your international selling strategy.
Maximise your images
Presenting as many high resolution images of your products as possible helps you compensate for the lack of physical aspect to the sale, where a buyer in a store can feel and try on the item. Pictures paint thousands of words and good images are your way of promoting value, feel and emotional appeal. It’s no secret that fashion listings with multiple images outperform single image listings by up to 40%.
Get data-driven insight
All your decisions on margins, promotions, listings and bundles are easier with intelligence and insight from accurate, up-to-date information. But it has to be presented in ways that are useful to you. Being able to report on and analyse data for supply and demand of your products is critical. Without it, you’re relying purely on instinct and gut feel.
Nailing online fashion
Apparel, clothing shoes and accessories or jewellery; whatever you want to call it, nailing the online fashion category is about using technology and expertise to move quickly, accelerate demand and delight your buyers. Volo works with over 100 fashion merchants and brand retailers to put them in control of the growth of their multichannel, multi-marketplace and multi-region businesses.
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