Office Consumables
Set up for repeat buy, or it’s bye bye

Watch your margins
Office consumables are often commodities, so in this online category you’re subject to the inevitable price pressure that comes when it’s easy to compare providers. This means you need to maximise your effectiveness, from supply all the way through to successful delivery. Keep a laser focus on your supply costs and automate as many of your processes as possible to minimise unnecessary overheads.
Bundle up for success
Although you need separate listings to cater to your different products, bundling these commodity items into attractive offers is a great way to increase your average order size and offer something different and valuable to your buyers. Make sure you invest in technology that makes the bundling process straightforward. Some Volo customers have found bundles to be their key competitive weapon.
Be memorable
You’re in the repeat business. If a first-time buyer has a good experience buying something from you that they’re going to need to re-order regularly, the chances are they’ll come back to you. It’s the path of least resistance for them. Make it easy for them to do this by standing out visually and re-marketing based on their purchase history. It’s 4 times easier to sell to a previous customer than a new one.
Focus on value
Another way to encourage those repeat buys is by being valuable. Not just with the product itself but in the whole experience from search through to delivery and use. Be as plentiful and instructive as you can with your imagery, so buyers are confident they have the exact item they need. Why not include how to install instructions for your products, either as a separate guide or as steps in the listing itself?
Get the intel
You can’t make the right decisions for your online office consumables business unless you really know where you’re successful and where you need to improve. Invest in good software to give you intelligence on your complete supply, demand and shipping picture, so that you can drill down into the detail on stock movements, profitability and so on. Good data almost always translates into good times..
Nailing online office consumables
Office products, office consumables; however you describe your category, nailing online office consumables is about making your items less of a commodity and more of an experience that your buyers will return to time and again. Volo works with many office consumables merchants to enable them to scale their business across multiple selling channels and turn discerning, price-sensitive buyers into loyal ones.
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