I want to add a marketplace, another channel, oh and a website too…


Channel resilience
If you have one avenue for listing and selling your products, you can concentrate 100% of your efforts on that channel. With all your eggs in one basket, however, you are at maximum risk when there’s a problem. Your sales are 100% dead. Making your stock available on additional channels puts you in front of new groups of customers, increases your sales and reduces your risk because, clever you, you’ve diversified the places where you sell and made yourself less dependent on one source of revenues. We call this ‘resilience’.
Marketplaces rock
Marketplaces are the fastest growing sector in the ecommerce space. In a market dominated by Alibaba, Amazon and eBay, but with an army of other marketplaces across the globe, you can tap into captive audiences of millions of consumers. You don’t need to spend ages building traffic to your brand, yet you can build your brand by using marketplaces as another acquisition channel by re-marketing to your new customers. The bigger marketplaces also provide you with a proven gateway into international sales, opening up emerging, established and less competitive markets for you to ply your cross border trade, When it comes to marketplaces, they’re a win-win for merchants and brands alike.
Many channels, one platform
And it’s not just marketplaces that complete the multichannel picture. In addition to your websites, you have great web platforms like Magento and Websphere, Google Adwords with buy buttons, Google Shopping, shopping comparison sites, daily deal sites, social shopping, email marketing, not to mention the mobile channel. How to manage all of this activity, and control the plethora of moving parts. At Volo, we specialise in taking the mystery and complexity out of multichannel selling. The Volo platform allows you to add ecommerce channels and manage your business from one central place. From your single inventory pool Volo enables you to automatically push all your stock updates across your channels as you sell items on different channels and replenish your orders and stock availability according to rules you set.
Channelling our expertise, connecting your world
We have standard links to all the major channel platform providers, and we can build specialist links – sometimes through partners – to connect the Volo platform to your websites or other channels that you want to sell on. The Volo system is constantly interacting with your channels, sending stock information out to the channels and receiving and processing order information from them. To close the multichannel loop, the Volo platform also talks to your other systems like your accounts system or warehouse database, integrates with your dispatch partners, and provides reporting and analysis so that you have management visibility into your end-to-end processes.

Collaborate to accumulate
Volo customers have tended to find that the addition of a second channel is the point at which they need a robust system to help them grow their sales and their efficiencies. When you choose to add a channel or marketplace, we’ll give you a clear implementation plan so that you and your team understand the timings and path before your new channel goes live. We’ll guide you through the process, hold your hand when you’re newly live, and strategise regularly with you on how best to grow your new channel. It’s the care and attention over time from our people that sets us apart from the other system providers.
Getting great at channels
When you're great at data, you've evolved a channel strategy to give you the best bang for your buck. Multichannel and multi-marketplaces ecommerce is Volo’s core business. We'll give you the knowledge you need for each channel, to increase the probabilities of your product being found and selected for purchase. We operate a number of strategic partnerships with the major channel, marketplace and website platform providers across the world to help you establish your channel coverage strategy for sustained growth and profitability.