I want to automate the data I get, the data I list and the data I send, OK?


Data is everywhere

At the centre of your ecommerce universe is data, flowing into, through and out of your business. This data comes in varying formats, with varying quality and completeness, and you need to make sense of it, optimise it for your listings, and organise the flow of it through your business as accurately and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, it eats – either directly or indirectly – into your profitability. The more parties involved in your business, the higher the complexity. You know that the more choices you give your buyers, and the more places you offer your stock in, the more you’ll sell, so your challenge is to automate the flow of information as much as you can, with the minimum of manual interference. Easier said than done!

Know-how to the rescue
Data is a technology problem, and it needs a technology solution using standard pre-built links or custom connectors. The Volo platform specializes in bringing together your multichannel sales operations by being both comprehensive and flexible. We integrate the software of many third party providers into the platform, which means you don’t need to run your business through a range of different, unconnected systems. We also connect with third party systems and exchange information electronically in a variety of file formats through data feeds, over protocols and languages such as HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, sFTP, APIs and Web-XML.
Controlling the Flow
Automating the flow of information through data feeds and processes is vital for our customers, some of whom deal with 7-figure SKU volumes. The Volo platform manages physical and virtual inventory data across all the relevant sales channels, storing the information needed for listings like item titles, descriptions, images, locations, suppliers and pricing. The Volo system manages stock levels across sales channels and can be used to set minimum stock thresholds and the automatic triggering of stock replenishment. The platform takes your centrally created product listings or revised product listings and pushes them out to the relevant sales channels, updating stock levels everywhere as you sell your products.
Connecting the players
We also provide you with the functionality to process sales orders, fulfil them and keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their delivery. We link to third party providers to process the payments and the dispatch of the orders through an unrivalled and fully integrated array of domestic and international couriers, which makes your life so much easier. We also provide automation capabilities for the administrative tasks in the sales and service process, including accounts management, credits & refunds management, supplier management and warehouse management.
See the data, work the data
Data is key to your success, but true visibility of that data is everything. We make your sales performance information available through our Volo Reporting & Analytics module. It’s hard enough walking around blindfold, so you can imagine how hard it must be to run your business when you’re totally in the dark. Volo Reporting & Analytics gives you the information you need to make the right decisions, confidently, quickly, and knowledgeably.
Getting great at data
When you're great at data, you automate the flow of digital information throughout the business cycle: from suppliers to channels, payment gateways, accounts systems, warehouses, customers and back to suppliers for re-ordering. While multichannel ecommerce is our core business, we work with a range of integration partners to help you connect the other parts and providers of your business to the Volo ecommerce ecosystem.