I want to integrate with this courier, that fulfilment centre, the works…


Navigating complexity
Did you know that in 2015 sellers dispatched over 22 million packages through the Volo system? Those packages went to 196 countries. Every single one of those countries has a dispatch system, and some of them have multiple systems. When you consider the global delivery network, it’s a bewildering array of international, national, and local providers, all combining and competing to be entrusted with the key task of getting your important package to your even more important customer. All this happens over a long series of hubs and hops before the last mile to your customer’s door.
Consumer power
All this complexity is fuelled by the end consumer of the package, who demands an ever-increasing range of options for receiving their items, from within the hour to same day, next day and so on. If they don’t want to take delivery, they might prefer to click and collect, picking up the item from your local store or even someone else’s store, whatever is easiest for them. In case they don’t like what they see, your customers want transparent return policies and options for how they get the package back to you. Those pesky customers, the things you do for them!
Seller power
To the rescue comes Volo, with technology and best practices to help you navigate through this minefield. The Volo platform integrates an extremely comprehensive list of courier systems to help you streamline your processes and cut your costs. Within our implementations teams we have courier specialists who are dedicated to the dispatch space. They take care of implementing your courier system choices and monitor the developments of our dispatch partners to make sure the Volo system contains up-to-date and compliant software. If you’re thinking of adding a dispatch partner, or wondering about new regions or countries, we can help.
Joining the dots
Volo brings the courier process right into the system, giving you control, speed and visibility, for simpler domestic deliveries or multi-node international deliveries. The printing of the manifest for the courier, scanning the packages as they leave you, re-scanning by your courier, delivery to the customer and sign-off via a hand-held device; all of these connect back to Volo so that you can keep your customers in the loop as they track their delivery. If you prefer to deal with fulfilment aggregators or consolidators, the Volo platform can talk to their software and join up the dispatch side to the rest of your business. If you want to work with a dispatch partner we don't currently integrate, that’s OK, you can still connect their business to yours through the Volo system.
Integrated dispatch
Perhaps you like to delegate your fulfilment and logistics to a third party who can take your orders and do the rest of the job for you. You're going to want to make sure that your ‘3PL’ systems are connected to Volo so that nothing falls through the cracks. Volo has integrated plug-ins like our Amazon FBA Connect module to give you the control and efficiencies of a centralised operation. Alternatively, we’re happy for you to connect a different 3PL system to the Volo platform so that the left hand of your business knows what the right hand is doing. Whatever works best for you.
Getting great at dispatch
To get great at dispatch you have assemble your customers’ orders and get them to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's about figuring out the best solution for you and your customers, some of whom live in countries where delivery systems can be more of a lottery than a certainty. Volo handles the end-to-end multichannel ecommerce process, integrating with a range of different couriers and fulfilment software partners. Our range of integrations is vey comprehensive, so the chances are we have the one or ones for you.