I want to connect with my accounts system, my suppliers, my ERP…


Flexibility breeds simplicity
Every ecommerce business in the world has its own configuration of suppliers, operations, finance, marketing, sales, service and customers, yet every business would also benefit from its systems being joined up. It cuts down on time, effort and costs. As ecommerce businesses grow, they become more complex. It’s a natural law. More suppliers, more staff, more processes, more customers, more products, more channels, more systems. It all adds up to more complexity. Complexity is the enemy of successful growth and efficient, profitable operations. When it comes to systems, simplicity is the goal, and the path to that goal is flexibility.
Take what you like
The Volo platform provides you with an end-to-end ecommerce multichannel process. We manage your inventory and stock. We manage your sales and service across multiple channels. We deal with orders, fulfilment and dispatch. We manage your supplier relationships, your warehousing, your back office, your customer communications. You can take all of the Volo platform modules, or some of them and use your own. You can connect all of your systems, some of them, or none of them. It depends on how your systems are set up, what your requirements are and what advice you’d like from us. Direct integrations, API-based integrations, looser connections; you decide, we don’t mind.
Finance and CRM
All companies have accounts systems to take care of the accounting, compliance, legal, regulatory and tax requirements for doing business in the various regions where they trade and for help with management decision-making. Volo can provide reporting intelligence and also push purchase and sales data to your accounts systems. Whatever accounts system you have, you can connect with the Volo platform. CRM systems can provide one ‘window’ on customers and are used to manage the marketing and re-marketing processes for sellers, along with more specialist technologies that manage email, social and customer nurturing. The Volo system can push order and sales information to the CRM system of your choice to keep your customer information current for precise targeting.
eCommerce and ERP

Giant ecommerce platforms like IBM’s Websphere can manage your entire ecommerce ecosystem, including your payment gateways. We can do this for you too. We can also link up with your ecommerce platform and give you the 2-way communications on payments, stock movements and purchase orders for all your marketplace activities. ERP systems like SAP are equally vast, typically managing the end-to-end business processes for medium-to-large organisations. As you were probably thinking, Volo can do this too, but we’re also happy for our technology to be the ‘slave’ to your inventory and stock ‘master’ system. The Volo platform also has full warehouse management system capabilities, but maybe you want to use your own or somebody else’s? No problem.

Supply and cross-border
The Volo system helps you manage the feeds and purchasing from your physical and virtual suppliers so that you’ve always got the right balance between overselling and underselling. We can also automate your re-ordering or put rules in place for manual interventions. Alternatively, if you’ve already got a system for supplier management, sourcing and procurement, that’s great – we can connect to that too. You’ll want to have the international angle covered as well. You can connect the Volo platform to your translation software, your currency exchange and management software, or other third party software. Or you can simply use the Volo-plus-marketplaces functionality that’s already in place. It’s up to you.
Getting great at systems
Getting great at systems is about connecting the different technologies that make up your business. While you’ll always listen to best practice advice or what’s worked well for other folks, you do things your own way, differently from everyone else, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for your unique system set-up. We see that. Volo is a specialist system and services provider in multichannel and online marketplace retail. We partner with other system providers to give you a truly joined-up multichannel retail business. All for one and one for all, as The Three Musketeers once said.