Channel Coverage
How much is enough?


Centralise your stock
Don’t keep a separate inventory for each channel, because then you can’t capitalise on the advantages of being a multichannel seller. Use a single inventory pool from which all your channels are updated. Push all your stock updates out across your channels as you sell items on different channels and re-order products.
Know your channel
Do the homework on each channel. Understand how the search capability works on each site, and how search enquiries are returned to potential buyers, what information is presented and how it’s presented. Structure your data in bulk to the way the channel works and choose the channels where you can get the best reward for your effort.
Build resilience
In the UK, for example, there are three main channels, each of which can drive significant revenue for your business: Amazon, eBay and your website. Diversify the channels you’re on to spread your risk. Better to have three equal channels than two, one of which brings you 70%, or one channel bringing you 100% of your business.
Centralise your communications
Make sure you pull your customer communications across your channels into one central place, as this is much easier to manage and a more productive use of your customer service staff time in the long run. Add information to eBay's Smart FAQs pages to reduce questions from your customers. Use pre-written responses to help your staff work smarter.
Build your brand
Use your channels as an opportunity to build your brand online. Where rules allow you can use marketplaces as additional acquisition channels. Once someone buys from you, you can send them an offer in the invoice to return directly to your website, where you can capture their data and turn them into delighted, long-term repeat buyers.
Getting great at channel coverage
When your channel coverage is great, you can spread your risk across the different places where you sell. Volo helps companies grow their sales by leveraging the right ecommerce channels and maximising stock availability. Parts & accessories merchant The Green Spark Plug Company uses Volo to get its channel coverage right and saw revenues increase ten-fold in three years.
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