International Sales
Success without borders


Take your time
Take a steady approach to international sales to build the confidence. Do your research. Sell passively – reacting to purchases from foreign buyers who are on your domestic marketplace. Expand into other English language-based marketplaces like Australia, which also allows you to take advantage of seasonality while working in a common language.
Get active
When you’re ready, start selling actively on international marketplaces. Localise your listings, the delivery process, pricing, shipping, search terms, product measurements, marketplace specifics and terms and conditions. Integrate translation providers so that you can more easily manage multiple-language listings and multiple currencies.
Concentrate on customer service
Get the balance right between delighting your customers and managing your overheads. Respond to your customer in their language if you can. Build your library of answers to FAQs in the relevant languages to make your staff as productive as possible. Factor seasonality into your plans to have the right coverage for the seasonal peaks and troughs.
Sort out your shipping
Regions vary considerably so have a plan for how will you ship items to your buyers, how you will handle returns, and at what thresholds it proves uneconomical to pay for an item to be returned. At the outset try to protect profits by focusing on low weight items in order to gauge the speed, cost and success rate for deliveries and credits & refunds.
See a specialist
Work with specialists on currencies, exchange rate trends and finance to save you as much as 3% on every single transaction. Enlist expert help on the legal, regulatory and tax sides to make sure you are operating within the limits of the particular region. Limit your liability by talking to financial advisors about the right levels and type of insurance.
Getting great at international sales
When you’re great at international sales, you’re managing the risk of entering new markets and building your base of new customers with attractive lifetime value possibilities. Using Volo to scale their international sales has allowed our customers to grow their businesses quickly, safely and sustainably. Board games, toys and collectibles etailer GamesQuest uses Volo to manage international sales and has increased revenues 20-fold in 5 years.
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