Instill the promotion emotion


Exploit Amazon Promotions
Use Amazon Promotions for discounts, free shipping, free products, and claim codes, as well as external incentives like loyalty points. Amazon displays your promotion on the product detail page only when your offer wins the all-important Amazon ‘Buy Box’. Choose from a number of options for messaging promotions on the product detail page.
Exploit eBay Promotions Manager
Use eBay Promotions Manager to offer discounts for minimum thresholds, sale events where you nominate reduced or special price items to be merchandised on a ‘sale page’, and accessory discounts for cross-selling additional related items to the main item the buyer is looking for. Make your best selling items boost the low-selling items in your ‘long tail’.
Know the tools of the trade
Let multichannel platforms bring your selling activities across multiple channels rather than having to work separately on each platform. Grow your business more quickly by automating a range of promotional tactics like repricers, strike-through pricing, buy-one-get-one-free offers, kits and bundles. Analyse your data to inform your promotions.
Build repeat customers
Encourage customers to part with their email addresses and subscribe to your emails, so that you can increase their lifetime value. Put promotional flyers or messages in packages to stimulate additional business. Use a customer relationship management (‘CRM’) system to help you segment your customers and make your communications more targeted.
Seed your sales
Use digital marketing techniques like email marketing to speak to customers in as personalised a way as possible. Make your emails relevant to keep open rates high and watch out for ‘emotional unsubscriptions’. New products and competitions work particularly well on social media. Build your tribe using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Getting great at promotions
When you’re great at promotions, you can win more business from new customers and sell more to existing customers. Volo helps companies grow revenues through dynamic re-pricing, kits and bundles and automated back end processes. Home & Garden merchant Bamford Trading uses Volo to manage its promotions and increased sales by 29% in its eighth year working with Volo.
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