Keep it simple, seller


Unify your systems
The more systems you have to run your business, the more the complexity, especially if these systems don’t ‘talk to’ each other and reliably exchange information. The surest path to managing complexity is to unify your business. The act of bringing together your people, processes and technology gives you two vitally important benefits: control and visibility.
Consolidate your inventory
When you sell in multiple channels, having to check in multiple places to track existing orders and keep tabs in your inventory and stock levels is a recipe for disaster, especially when you’re super busy and trying to respond quickly to a customer complaint. When all your channels draw from one centralised inventory pool, you can post to different channels easily and confidently.
Control your third parties
The more parties involved in your business processes, from suppliers to shippers, the more moving parts there are and the more the possibility that one of the parts may fail. When you consolidate your feeds from different parties into one place, using a flexible system for receiving and transferring information, you can see what’s going on and can spot the problems early.
Automate your data
You often have to work really hard with the data you're given to make it fit for your purposes. Also, as you grow the business, data naturally tends to become disparate, unwieldy and unclear, rather than streamlined, flexible and insightful. You need to work with your partners to get data in the formats you need, and automate your business analytics so you can really see how you’re doing.
Anticipate the seasons
Seasonality peaks and troughs add another layer of difficulty to your business planning. Anticipating seasonal changes to your business is vitally important, otherwise you’re responding to events and it’s really hard to get out of catch-up mode. Seasonality can really hurt you even when you’re successful, and the last thing you want to do is to trip up during peak. Plan and be smart.
Overcoming complexity
Never fear, Volo can help you reduce complexity, streamline your processes and unify your business. Volo customer XS-Stock has addressed complexity and increased its revenues 25-30% every year. To discuss your challenges and how you can fight complexity, why not book a call with one of our consultants. Good luck!