Manual processes
Set them free


Manual is everywhere
It’s hard to imagine not touching every single part of your business. Ordering from suppliers, warehousing stock, listing it on various channels, doing price comparisons, receiving the orders, adjusting stock levels across channels, printing the orders, the labels, the invoices, picking, packing, shipping, dealing with customer queries, the list goes on. Manual is everywhere.
Time is money
There are a lot of steps from supplier order through to customer feedback. The key to being able to grow your business and retain control is to find ways of reducing time, reducing the steps, and reducing the errors. Doing a task manually is almost always going to take longer than getting a machine or a system to do it for you. You soon recoup the investment in automating a link in the chain.
Errors kill you
When you involve the human element in your business, you increase the potential for errors to creep in. When a customer receives the wrong item, you have to manage the correspondence, recover the item, replace it and send it out, at your cost. Worse still, if you oversell due to an error, then your seller ratings may suffer, and the financial loss in this case is far greater.
Free your staff
Freeing your staff from manual, repetitive jobs allows them to get involved in the areas where their skill and judgement can help it grow. For example: researching new products to sell; marketing and promoting the business; using social media tools to build your reputation in your category; providing individualised communications to your customers so they remember you and buy again.
Integration pays
The sum of the parts is greater than the whole, so look to integrate as much of your end-to-end business processes as possible. This can include suppliers, marketplace providers, warehouse management and drop-ship providers, shippers, payment gateways, website platforms, cross-border specialists, finance/accounting systems and ‘ERP’ system providers. Integration pays.
Overcoming manual processes
Never fear, Volo can help you reduce your manual processes and drive improved efficiencies in your business. Volo customer Blue Lagoon Products has automated many manual processes and doubled its revenues in two successive years. To discuss your challenges and how you automate more, why not book a call with one of our consultants. Good luck!