Staffing costs
Getting your operations just right


Inventory & stock control
With comprehensive ecommerce systems you can import a large amount of items and list them in bulk, in a fraction of the time that it would take to do manually. Then, as each item sells, it is removed from all those places, so you don’t have keep tabs. Setting minimum stock thresholds also, saves you the time and effort of frequently re-ordering your best-selling items.
Multiple stores
You can use multiple seller IDs in multiple channels like Amazon and eBay and manage them all, including your own website, from one system. You can upload once and deploy your listing data across all your channels. Automated repricing engines for marketplaces like Amazon revise all channels quickly, saving you the time of manually checking competitors, impossible if you list many items.
Processing orders
Why not optimise your staffing allocation by using an ecommerce system to automatically connect orders and payments? Being able to automate the pick and pack lists, invoices and other documents, as well as email notifications to customers, perhaps in different languages and with different countries, removes much of the time, hassle and human errors involved in processing orders.
Fulfilment & shipping
When you can integrate all of your shipping partners into your ecommerce system, this area of the business can see dramatic savings. Courier and service selection can be automated, and no-one has to dedicate themselves to manually printing delivery labels. An automated system can also manage your drop shipping controls and synchronise your virtual stock data with other parties.
Customer service
When you have to manage your customer service operations from multiple selling places, this can become a major headache. An integrated system allows you to manage all customer communications from one place, which makes the life of your customer service staff much easier. No more time wasted wading through different systems for correspondence or payment history.
Overcoming staffing costs
It’s OK, Volo helps you optimise your operations by automating many of your processes so your valuable staff can concentrate on serving customers. Volo customer cybercheckout sorted out its staffing costs and also achieved a 60% increase in revenues. To discuss your challenges and how you can better manage your staffing costs, why not book a call with one of our consultants. Good luck!