More haste, more speed


Goods to market
Time is money, so use an ecommerce system to push your listings out to your channels at the same time. This offers a huge time advantage over managing your channels by hand. Your ecommerce platform provider should also be a regular source of expertise and advice on how to optimise your listings and cut corners by sharing some time-saving tricks of the trade.
If you sell in a category like vehicle parts and accessories or clothing, shoes and accessories, then variations can take up significant chunks of your listing time. Using automation dramatically cut down the time listing variations, and makes the process quicker and easier. So too with language variations, so that when your translations come in, your translated listings can appear instantly.
This is another area where technology can buy you back a lot of time. Printing can be organised to run automatically, setting up the orders in batches. Accuracy is equally important because when an item contains the wrong order or goes to the wrong address, this can often add several days or even weeks to your customers’ orders. As well as being a huge time-suck for you...
Co-ordination with third parties like drop-shippers or shipping companies can also eat into your staff’s time. Technology can come to the rescue by automating third party communications for you. Furthermore, when items are sold the system instantaneously rebalances your stock levels across all of your marketplaces, saving you the time of doing it manually with spreadsheets.
Customer service
Dealing with customer questions, refunds, returns and complaints can seriously dent your time especially if you have multiple places to manage the communications, depending on the specific channel. It’s better to manage all customer service centrally, without having to leave the system. This saves your staff major amounts of time, leading to high quality, customer attention.
Overcoming time pressures
Don’t delay, because Volo helps you save time in your ecommerce business by automating what you do. The quicker you can move, the quicker you can convert your goods into cash. Volo customer The Ink Squid accelerated its business processes, saving 3-4 staff and increasing revenues 30-40% in 3-4 months. To discuss your challenges and how you can make better use of your time, why not book a call with one of our consultants. Good luck!