Warehousing & Operations
Get your house in order


Be flexible and co-ordinated
Warehousing and operations come down to two essential factors to control your costs, namely flexibility and co-ordination. Flexibility allows you to run a number of different processes and systems to match the complexity of your operations. Co-ordination allows you to bring together all the areas of your operations and overcome the gaps in the chain.
Support lots of locations
With a barcode scanner attached via a USB to your warehouse computer you can accurately book in your received goods and automatically assign them to warehouse locations. Support multi-item locations, multiple warehouses and virtual locations, as well as a combination of all three. Fully automate your purchase order system for ordering and re-ordering.
Automate your printing
Automate the printing of the location on the invoice, the shipping list and the pick list for your fulfilment team, to save time and reduce errors. Print product labels based on the items received, for use on the product packaging and as shelf labelling. Cut down on manual intervention and make it easier for the fulfilment team to locate the exact item they need.
Integrate your back office
Customer service people need to see dispatch confirmations. Supplier management need to understand stock levels for re-ordering. Returns management need to process refunds and exchanges, re-classify goods and return products to the same or different locations. Finance need to post orders, invoices, sales and refunds to the accounts system.
Connect your processes
Connect as many of your warehousing and operations processes as you can through automation. The more you can automate, the more you can eradicate errors, accidental or otherwise, the more time you can save, the quicker you can operate, the more compliant you’ll be for legal, regulatory and tax purposes, and the fewer people you need to touch the end-to-end process.
Getting great at warehousing & operations
Companies that are great at warehousing and operations have scanning systems, handle multiple locations and multiple items in the same location and have streamlined processes. Volo helps companies reduce costs through streamlined warehousing and rules-based operational automation. Multi-category etailer XS-Stock uses Volo to manage its warehousing and operations and estimates it saves an additional 9 members of staff per year.
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