Website Best Practices

Many serious ecommerce businesses understand that to get the best returns, they need to be selling across more than one channel. Marketplaces and webstores offer different benefits and challenges, but a presence on both enables businesses to be resilient, flexible and growth-oriented.

However, there can be major headaches in managing this multichannel approach. Manually adjusting stock levels across channels, setting up a warehouse to deal with different sales channels and other everyday necessities can quickly build up and overload key figures in the business.

With Volo, you can seamlessly manage your stock levels and orders from Shopify, Magento and/or BigCommerce within the Origin platform.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive design makes your website viewable on any platform, through any size screen, be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. Whereas customers were once taken to separate mobile websites which had limited accessibility, responsive design means the same features will be on the site regardless of how you are viewing it. Users won’t be able to tell if your site is responsive on a laptop or desktop, but when viewing on a mobile device they should not have trouble viewing videos or images, or need to zoom too much.

User Experience Design

When it comes to choosing who we buy from, or do business with, there are two factors that most people consider these days – the quality of the product and the user experience. With the growth of e-commerce, it is now a lot easier to find the product you’re after. If you know you want a specific product, there will be a number of different places to buy it from. This means that availability of product is no longer the crucial factor, and buyers are now looking at other reasons to choose one business over another.


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